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Intentional Professional Growth (Paperback)

Intentional Professional Growth (Paperback)


Have you experienced success in your career, business, and personal life, but are you ready more? If you are questioning if it’s possible to grow to a new level and experience intentional professional growth, Dr. Davine Ricks, has the answer for you!


The answer is yes! You can begin to unlock your true potential and live out your dreams the moment you stop living your fears. The only thing standing in your way is fear. Dr. Davine will teach you exactly how to replace your fear with faith. She will also give you proven strategies on how to eliminate self-doubt and build self-confidence. Overall, you will learn how to not just go through life, but intentionally grow in manifesting abundance holistically.


In this book, you can expect to receive inspiration and motivation, and you can expect to be empowered with the information needed to succeed. Dr. Davine will be teaching you how to elevate your career, grow your business, and live life abundantly!

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